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Nephrotic Syndrome with High Uric Acid Can It Be Reversed

Nephrotic Syndrome with High Uric Acid Can It Be ReversedOn July 5,2014, Wang wenyue a Nephrotic Syndrome patient who are from Hebei province, China, came to our hospital for the first time. After 35 days treatment, his disease get controlled, now he is ready to back home. The following are some detailed informations about his disease and the treatment in our hospital.

Name: Wang wenyue


Age: 59

Marital Status: Married

Birth place: Gaoyang county,Baoding city,Hebei province, China

The major cause of this disease: swelling in both lower limbs occurred one year ago, two months ago goes worse.

The test reports in our hospital shows like this,

Blood test: hemoglobin, 151 g/L, red blood cell count to 5.15 x 1012 / L;

Electrolyte: calcium tendency for 2.02 / L, potassium tendency for 3.83 / L, total carbon dioxide tendency for 22.8 / L, phosphorus tendency for 1.29 L;

Six kidney function items: creatinine 76 umol/L, urea nitrogen tendency for 4.6 / L, uric acid 505 umol/L;

Liver function: total protein 56.9g/L, albumin 26.0g/L;

Blood lipids: triglycerides tendency for 2.07 / L, total cholesterol tendency for 7.04 L, Low density lipoprotein cholesterol tendency for 5.19 L;

24 hours urinary protein: 5.99g/24h

Abdomen ultrasound shows: Fatty Liver

According to those numbers above, we diagnosed him as original Nephrotic Syndrome, Hyperuricemia and Fatty Liver

The treatment procedure: Give the external treatment of Chinese herbal medicine, foot bath Therapy, oral Chinese Herb Medicine to promote blood circulation and protect the remaining kidney function, meanwhile,take some other measures to relieve the symptoms of this disease. After 35 days treatment, his disease get controlled. From the above we see that although Nephrotic Syndrome with high uric Acid is hard to be cured but it can be controlled well with proper and timely treatment.

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